Welcome to Gleason & Greenfield Pediatrics

Mission Statement
As a small family-friendly pediatric practice, we pride ourselves in offering individualized pediatric health care of the highest quality available.

Children and adolescents have unique health care needs; physical, developmental, and emotional which we believe are best managed by pediatric heath practitioners. Annual pediatric health maintenance visits provide your child the opportunity to develop an important trust and rapport with his/her pediatrician and nurse practitioner.

Caring for your child’s health is a collaborative effort between parent, child and pediatrician. Only by working together can we are ensure coordinated, excellent quality care for your child.

If you are already a patient at Gleason and Greenfield Pediatrics, it is a privilege working with you to ensure your child’s optimal health and development.

If you would like to become a patient at Gleason and Greenfield Pediatrics we welcome you. Click here for New Patient Registration Form

If you are expecting a child into your family, we invite you to visit and meet our practice.

To initiate the process of becoming our patient, please provide the following information.

  • Forward a copy of your child’s previous medical records including immunization history to our office
  • Contact your insurance company and change your child’s/children’s primary care provider to Dr Cheryl M Greenfield.
  • Complete our new patient information forms and forward to us either by fax or mail. (forms link)
  • After completing steps 1-3, please schedule an appointment for your child so that we may begin our heath care collaboration.